About Us

Ramsgate Corp. is a company that was uniquely created to provide a complete office infrastructure solution. Over the years we have seen the frustration of people who set out to start up a company or to expand an existing one and find difficulty in putting together all the various components that it takes to get a business up and running. From the moment a decision is made to develop an office space, whether it be in a commercial building or in your home, usually the first question the principals ask is, �g How are we going to make this all happen?�h

The process to develop an office space can seem overwhelming when you consider everything that needs to be done before you can open your doors for business. Some aspects to consider are: existing space demolition, design and layout of the new space, framing and drywall construction, electrical, HVAC, Voice/Data/Video, Access Control, lighting, carpeting, and painting are just a few of the components that need to be completed before your business can open.

Ramsgate Corporation saw there was a need for a company that could provide all of these services and help people achieve their goal of �gjust get to work.�h

Ramsgate = Quality + Integrity + Value. These are the core values that are Ramsgate.