Convergence in the workplace, what exactly is it? Today, it�fs what is happening in business and home offices around the world. Technologies that were once separate or independent are now combining or converging into seamless multi-task but single use applications. For example, Cabling in most offices today have separate or proprietary cables for their telephones, their computers, and their security cameras. Now, with advances in technology and bandwidth, all of these technologies can be run over a single cable. VoIP telephony, IP security cameras, and even Access Control devices can all share the same cable with computer data. And in doing so, with the help of software, these once separate technologies are integrated into a single, more powerful, more productive, most cost efficient application.

With the growth of convergence and VoIP, Ramsgate has met the challenge of working with telecommunications and data communications management to provide solutions that seamlessly help to convert businesses to converged voice, data, and video technology.

  • VoIP integration
  • IP video systems
  • Lower cost cabling solutions for converged voice data environments
  • Wireless technology